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My Jornada

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Another pda site you say!.....   Well not really, as a construction project manager I feel that not to many sites dedicate much time to construction related software regarding CE based pda's.  It's for this reason that I wanted to develop a site dedicated to construction industry software.  In essence I will to my best to search out hardware, software and news that will help you in your quest, either to  become a better project manager, or just ease the daily work load a bit.

Well that is my intent anyway, I hope to do a good job and perhaps I can help out even if its in the smallest way.

My Jornada

My pda of preference to date is the HP Jornada 548.  Yes, there are ones out there with faster processors and better screens perhaps, but buck for buck I can do what many others can do, in a smaller and unique package. Clk here for more info.


Time is Money

Like the picture says, "Time is Money".  All construction Project Managers I know feel this way, including myself.  It seems that time always runs out before you even had a chance to start something, never mind just finishing it.  I guess its the same for all who work, but its has never been more critical for a construction Project Manager.  In the past 5 years construction has boomed especially here in New York City.  Work is coming out my ears and find it hard to keep up.  You know!, what its all about... running from site to site, the paper work involved and the phone calls.  Ah, yes! those phone calls all are emergencies, everyone has a problem, except you of course, you just have to answer the phone.  I have to say that without the aid of a pda, and a cell phone, I would have been going no where fast.  Most of this is no news to you I know, but the ability to use these tools might be.  You see most of you may have a cell phone, pda and perhaps a pager as well.  But, if you don't know how to use them, its all useless.  This does not mean that because you answered the phone or pages that you completed your task at hand.  The key is to use them to your advantage and use them well enough to do the job, and not just look good on the side of your belt.  My routine is simple and its an old adage as well, :Do one thing at a time and do it well"... sound familiar, believe you me its the key.  If you take a minute to prioritize, what task are to be taken care of first and complete it before the next, you will be rewarded.  Sorry, you won't win the Lotto, but I can assure you some piece of mind. The accomplishment of completing that one task will make you feel like a million bucks, OK maybe not after you start pondering the other 1 million tasks you have to do.  You get the idea, its important to finish that one call before you go to the next, to mail that proposal before you start the job, its all part of being a Project Manager.  As time goes on I will be posting more editorials (for lack of a better word) and give you my advice and ideas from my past 22 years experience in this field, Oh god I can't wait to retire......

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If there is anything in particular that you might need information on and cannot find it here send me a line and I will try to do my best to research it for you.

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