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My Jornada

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Meetings are a Project Managers good friend, as long as you get what you need out of them.  Hopefully your project isn't behind schedule, cause all you will get is criticism and complaints, "Not Good!".  What you need at these meetings is Quick Minutes. Still in beta this application shows much promise.  What I find great is that it takes my present contact information from Pocket Outlook. Then I am able to pick names form a list and show who had attended a particular meeting, thus not having to write them all over again.  Meeting notes can be added with ease and action/items can be designated to the same people who attended which can be picked from a drop down menu, pretty neat!. I find this tool indispensable and a great asset, that no project manager should be without. The beta version has some minor bugs,  the author is working on adding some new features and correcting minor glitches.  With the publishers consent,  I will work on a manual and have it available for download as soon as possible.


This is a FREE DOWNLOAD from the author and all suggestions are welcome. Publishers Website fjvelasco2000








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Last modified: June 08, 2001