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I've been using this application prior to its R6 release.  It's an excellent expense tracking software package.  Not only do you get a Pocket PC CE version but also you are able to download a PC Desktop version for your Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and 2000 system.  Once installed you will find the interface very user friendly, and synchronization is a snap.  The two apps are identical, so if you enter expenses on you Pocket PC device you can easily do the same on your desktop PC.  Import and export data to MS Excel or your favorite spreadsheet app..  Customizable pull down menus make data entry a breeze.  I have to also add that the people of r&f Consulting the designers are very responsive to any inquiries you have, such as installation problems or just a simple suggestion, which they welcome graciously.  Overall it is one well rounded product that no project manager should be with out.  

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Last modified: June 08, 2001